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Insulation - Heat and Vibration Insulation, Sound Dampening

Heat Shield and General Purpose Insulation

Heat Shield Insulation

HEAT SHIELD INSULATION IN BULK ROLLS Two layers of heat-reflective industrial-grade 99.5% pure aluminum reinforced with fiberglass mesh for added... more

Heat Shield Contact Adhesive

HEAT SHIELD CONTACT ADHESIVE High-heat soft contact adhesive developed for use with Heat Shield Insulation Bonds carpeting, headlining material, hood ...

Heat Shield Aluminum Tape

HEAT SHIELD ALUMINUM TAPE 2" wide foil tape with self-adhesive backing seals seams and joints when installing insulation Forms a superior bond to lock...


MYLAR®-FACED FOAM SOUND/HEAT INSULATION WITH VINYL LINING Protects against noise, vibration, heat and cold Contact adhesive sold separately...

Mylar Tape

MYLAR® TAPE Ensures neat, professional-looking seams Reflects heat and prevents absorption of dirt, fuel, oil, water, etc. in insulation...


ADHESIVE-BACKED HEAT BARRIER Made of woven silica with a highly reflective aluminized finish Ultra-reflective surface withstands temperatures over 200...

Sound Dampening

Floor Pan Sound Absorber Kit

FLOOR PAN SOUND ABSORBER SET Easy-to-install set adds to travel comfort by muffling under-car noise Set of 4 pieces....


ACCUMAT NOISE-DAMPENING MATERIAL Specially engineered material absorbs noise to improve the acoustics of your vehicle! Improves the sound of any...


SOUND-DEADENING PADS Waterproof rubberized pads cut easily. Can be heat treated (up to 300° F) to mold to irregular or embossed surfaces...


INSULATING SHEETING Asphalt-based 1/16" thick black sheeting trims easily to conform to panel contours. Reduces resonant vibration and sound distortion...

Floor Insulation

Floor Tar Boards


REPLACEMENT FLOOR INSULATION TAR BOARDS - For '46-79 Beetle and Super Beetle. Restores interior while insulating floor area against noise, vibration, heat, etc. Precut to replace originals, fit perfectly. Mount on front and rear floor pans under carpeting, padding, etc. Rubber. Set of 4.

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Engine Compartment Insulation



FIREWALL INSULATION KIT - Essential for an authentic restoration of your '56-'79 VolksWagen Beetle and Super Beetle. Precut textured-finish tarboard panels are similar to originals Heavy-duty rubber insulation replaces worn cardboard insulation. Resist tears and chemicals better than original, insulates better against heat, noise, vibration. Includes 3 pre-cut panels (2 fit between fender and engine, 1 between back of seat and engine)-no cutting needed. Simple to install using original mounting clips.

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