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Car Wash - Cleaner, Polishing and Car Wash Kits

Detailing Kit

DURA.GLOT 5-STEP CAR CARE SYSTEM A JC Whitney Exclusive-order the complete DURA.GLOT 5-Step Car Care System and SAVE 20%.!...

Stoner Complete Care Kit

STONER COMPLETE CAR CARE KIT Preferred by professional auto detailers, dealers, collectors and enthusiasts to clean, shine and protect their vehicles ...

Stoner Starter Car Care Kit

STONER STARTER CAR CARE KIT Preferred by professional auto detailers, dealers, collectors and enthusiasts to clean, sine and protect their vehicles...

32-oz. Super Cleaner

BIKE CARE PRODUCTS The ultimate! Developed by chemists, bikers and auto experts to provide the best protection for your bike! Easy to use-anyone...

Nascar Car Wash

CAR WASH NASCAR NEXTEL CUP SERIES Deep cleans for a spot-free finish-gentle enough for frequent washings Clear coat safe-quickly removes...

Nascar Quick Shine

ULTRA-QUICK SHINE NASCAR NEXTEL CUP SERIES Use between polishing to enhance the shine of your vehicle Clear coat safe ...

Micro Fiber Polishing Cloth

MICRO POLISHING CLOTH NASCAR NEXTEL CUP SERIES The perfect polisher! Helps give that special shine. Use what the NASCAR drivers use to protect their cars... more

Micro Fiber Shammy

MICRO CHAMOIS NASCAR NEXTEL CUP SERIES Perfect for drying or washing and removing polish Non-scratching, super soft material. Use what the NASCAR drivers...

Super waffle cloth

MICRO SUPER WAFFLE CLOTH NASCAR NEXTEL CUP SERIES CAR CARE PRODUCT Waffle weave is super absorbent. Non-scratching, super soft material. Excellent for...


BUFFING/POLISHING KIT Polish your vehicle and wax finished surfaces quickly, easily and inexpensively. Simply attach the 5" diam. backing plate with...

Convertible Top Cleaner


Cleaner   $8.95
Protectant   $14.95

- The answer for convertible or soft top care!
- Environmentally safe and affordable.

First, clean your top with the biodegradable, non-toxic formula cleaner. Safely removes the toughest soils/stains without harming automotive finishes, glass surfaces, rubber, vinyl or plastic trim. Second, protect with the no-silicone vinyl protectant-its patented formula contains Ciba Tinuvin 5151 UV blockers. Will not harm auto finishes, glass, chrome or plastic. Designed exclusively for exterior vinyl to withstand repeated washings. Cleaner and protectant sold individually. 16 oz. bottle.


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